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”If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”
[Henry Ford]

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Our projects spring from the close attention we pay to the market and its evolution. We combine expertise, experiences, technologies and contributions coming from leading companies, universities, innovation centers and experts.

Anti-vacuum valve

This valve revolutionizes the approach of the traditional system used in the professional coffee machines boilers, designed to prevent the formation of negative pressure inside the boilers. The system, as it is conceived, is simple, compact, cost effective, does not require any power supply and has a high degree of reliability.


Nitea™ is a mixing valve for professional coffee machines capable of delivering hot water, for the preparation of infusions, at the desired temperature and with a high degree of accuracy and stability. The system is able to mix the hot water coming from the boiler and the cold water coming from the water line passively, without any power supply, granting mixed water always at the optimal temperature. The possibility of setting the brewing temperature makes the system able to meet the needs of the most demanding users without increasing the complexity of the traditional hydraulic circuit of the machine.


Oxyglass™ is an innovative anodic oxidation process for single surface conversion. The extremely smooth and non-porous micro-oxide layer, does not alter the size of the treated surface, reaching high values of surface hardness and corrosion resistance. The compactness of the surface layer is such that it gives the subsequently worked and treated parts a ceramic/glass type aspect.

Pompa Compact

The magnetic drive pump, powered by the F-o-T gear technology, has been optimized for the automotive industry, with the aim of fulfilling all the fluid dynamics needs of the newest SCR systems (Selective Catalyst Reduction).
This product, extremely lightweight reliable and small, is fully integrated into the motor and into the tank system; the pump is able to supply constantly the urea flow to the catalyst, even in the most severe conditions the vehicle can deal with.
Project realized in  collaboration with resources of the European Union, Italy  and the Lombardy Region.

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