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”Ideas are useless unless used”

[T. Levitt]

Maria Cristina Sammarco
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Do you have an idea or a technology which can radically change the way fluids are moved, heated, cooled or dispensed?

Conceiving innovative ideas is not easy, and learning how to bring a product onto the market is even more difficult. This is why we are here!

What are we looking for?

At F-Lab, we know that innovation may spring up anywhere. That’s why our search is focused on collaborative partners who wish to share their knowledge and experiences with us while creating new synergies.

Why joining in F-Lab?

F-Lab can leverage its international network, Fluid-o-Tech’s strong and recognized brand, resources and expertise to turn your ideas into innovative products and launch them onto the market.

How does it work?

Your idea will be channeled to the proper person with the most relevant knowledge and expertise. We aim to respond within 15 days.
At present we can’t foresee what is going to happen, but we are committed to being totally transparent and open especially to whom will be sharing their thoughts and ideas with us.


Together we can create innovative and meaningful solutions.

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