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F-Lab is an innovation center where high qualified engineers and designers work together with universities, companies and experts on new technologies and new materials to explore and develop innovative solutions with impact on human health, nutrition and wellness in the field of electro medical equipment and beverage dispensing systems.

”It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives,
it is the most adaptable to change”
[1859, Charles Darwin]

The future of enterprising

F-Lab aspires to be a model for future enterprising, in which people work together without hierarchies taking advantage of networking and new technologies to accelerate the innovation process and reduce it risk.

F-Lab is an innovation-catalyzing and knowledge platform for like-minded, future inspired people

F-Lab is an open and breathing system built on local ties and global interconnections. It multiplies ideas and expertise, centralizing delocalized skills and knowledge. F-Lab is a flexible and adaptive organization with a customer-centric approach.


We work on tomorrow’s technologies to make them available today